Time Management and Owning a Business!

Time Management and Owning a Business!

Time Management and Owning a Business!

When it comes to time management and owning a business, pay attention to how you and your organization are REALLY spending your time.

Time Management and Work/Life Balance!

In my last blog, I talked about Work/Life Balance and owning a business. That goes hand in hand with time management. The key is to work smarter and not harder!

It’s not surprising that the average business owner will work a 60+ hour week. Is working more something to brag about to your closest friends and to your family? I hear time and time again business owners say that doing things themselves doesn’t cost me anything? Time Management doesn’t mean working more yourself.

Your time may not be money, but neglecting family, friends, and your own wellbeing due to the demands of business can cost you dearly. However, time is one of the few things they have that nobody can replace, duplicate or get back. We all only have 24 hours in a day. The time spent at work is not usually the only issue. It is also the time after hours spent thinking about the business that adds up.

Time Management starts with “How Do YOU Spend Your Time”?

One way to overcome the time management dilemma not only for yourself but for your customer’s satisfaction is to start to pay attention to how you and your organization are REALLY spending time. Is it in your email inbox, doing repetitive administrative or tactical tasks? What is it that you are doing that may not be directly related to your customer’s experience? What are you doing that may not really be important?

Green Bay WI AHEAD Human Resources Time Management Owning Business DataUse Data to increase customers’ Value Proposition!

I see businesses going to extraordinary lengths to job cost, but do not use the data for anything other than fill in the spreadsheet? If you do it, ensure that you use it. Tie the data into the customer’s value proposition.

Put a LIMIT on Priorities!

Limit business development priorities to a manageable level every week or month. Too many priorities mean too much to do leaving results less than desired, leaving everyone including the business owner feeling overwhelmed and underachieved.

Focus on What Makes YOU Money

The focus of what gets done should be activities that make you more money or improve your business. Many times the small priorities are accomplished around the key priorities.

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