Why AHEAD Human Resources

Green Bay WI AHEAD Human Resources Why AHEAD Human Resources

We Understand Because We Care About Business

“I’m frustrated with the increasing amount of administrative time it takes to manage the employees in my business.”

“I’m seeing margins and productivity slip away!”

We hear these complaints from business owners all the time. At AHEAD, we have tried and tested processes with proven results. Imagine unlocking the potential to raise productivity, loyalty and profitability, while also lowering costs, turnover and HR administration stress.

As skilled HR Specialists we do more than just staff and consult on HR issues, we ensure a larger return on your investment by performing all your employee administrative functions. By transferring these employee administration costs to us you can reduce operating costs and control overhead expenses. When we manage your HR, you can refocus your organization’s resources on more critical revenue-producing activities:

Our Expertise

Control costs

Save time and paperwork hassles

Provide professional assistance with compliance (e.g., payroll, IRCA, EEOC)

Reduce turnover and attracts better employees

Manage claims (e.g., workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance)

Provide better benefits packages(s)

Provide professional human resource services (e.g., employee handbooks, forms, policies and procedures)

Reduce accounting costs

Consolidate several small companies’ employment tax filings into one

More professional preparation and reporting

Accelerated collection of taxes

Extend access to medical benefits to more workers

Improve the communication of government requirements and changes to small businesses

Reduce litigation by resolving many problems before they reach court

Allow government agencies to reach businesses through a single-employer entity

Go AHEAD...Imagine these things off your plate. Would you enjoy your business more and would your customer and your employee's benefit from it? We think so.