Using HR To Increase Profits Part 2

In my last blog, I talked about increasing revenue and gaining market share by driving profitability through HR (employees). Today I’ll dig further and show you actual examples using simple math. Problem Profits are shrinking. The cost of replacing people is rising. Finding the “right talent” is difficult. And the cost of doing business continues […]

7 Habits for Business Success – Part 2

In last week’s blog I discussed the first three habits of Business Success: Planning Thoroughly Get Organized Before You Start Finding The Right People In today’s article I’ll discuss the four other habits to Business Success! Delegate Wisely The fourth habit you need to develop for business success is proper delegation. You must develop the […]

Payroll Solutions

In several of my last blog posts I talked about Time Management and Owning a Business and Work/Life Balance of Owning a Business. The key is to work smarter and not harder! One of the first things a business owner should consider outsourcing is Payroll. Not only will it free you up to spend time […]

Government Regulations

My last four blogs talked about four things you can do to better enjoy your business and improve profits. Work/Life Balance Time Management Customer Attraction Finding and Keeping Good Employees In this blog I will discuss Government Regulations. If only legislators would stop trying to simplify the system. Generally small business owners in the United […]

Attracting Customers To Grow Your Business!

When it comes to growing your business, focus your time on bringing in new customers and servicing existing customers. My last two blogs focused on how to have a work/life balance through time management. Today I’ll be discussing how to attract customers to your business. Growing a business seems to come down to only a […]