Reasons to Outsource with AHEAD HR

Green Bay WI AHEAD Human Resources 5 Reasons to Outsource

Five Reasons to Outsource with AHEAD HR

#1 – Focus on Your Core Business.

Reduce Operating Costs and Ditch the Administrative Hassle

As skilled HR specialists, we do more than just consult on HR issues. We ensure a larger return on your investment by performing all your employee administrative functions. By transferring these employee administrative costs to us you can reduce operating costs and control overhead expenses. When we manage your HR, you can refocus your organization’s resources on more critical revenue-producing activities.

We monitor federal and state workforce regulation changes

We guarantee accurate reporting so you have peace of mind the job’s done right

We invest in recruiting, hiring and retaining the best staff

We eliminate much of the non-revenue producing tasks that come with having employees

We retain the burden of maintaining an HRIS system, licenses, professional affiliations and equipment

#2 – We shop. You save.

We Design, Shop, Administer and Manage Benefits Programs

We purchase group dental, group vision, group STD, group LTD, group life and group supplemental plans, all of which are available to AHEAD clients. Because we buy large, we have the “economies of scale” to offer you the best benefits at the best price. On average, we see a 10% savings across the board on rates with comparable levels of benefits.

Changes in benefits regulations can be overwhelming, and failing to comply can be an expensive mistake. AHEAD stays up to date on it all.

#3 – Protect Your Investment.

Stay Protected with AHEAD’s Workers’ Compensation Experts

You’re devoted to ensuring your employees are safe at work, but accidents can happen. Trust the experts at AHEAD to minimize the cost of worker’s compensation. We’ll help to minimize the impact of a work-related injury on your business and we have the experience to handle all worker’s compensation documentation and follow-ups.

#4 – Help Your Employees Retire Well.

With AHEAD’s 401K program, you can decide to match, not match or set up an employer safe harbor match for your employees. This is no stripped-down, basic 401K. We’ve paid all setup and testing fees so you can easily “opt in” to this plan at no cost. AHEAD makes no commissions on this plan. We developed it for you!

30 different no-load investment funds

Tax-deferred deposits directly from payroll

Enrollments one year after date of hire

Vesting schedule

Online access to your account

“Borrow” capability for employees

Funds transfer/ rollover to IRA

Investment consulting with licensed consultant

Annual 5500 filing

Profit-sharing options

#5 – And We’ll Even Do Your Payroll!

AHEAD’s Complete Payroll Services will Take Care of it All

AHEAD Complete Payroll Administration is the total package. Stop stressing over payroll! Our experts handle everything from managing employee overtime to OSHA log recording. Get back to focusing on your business and spend less time buried in administrative paperwork with AHEAD.