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We Humanize Human Resources

When technology trends are pushing customers to automated do-it-all tools, we understand the importance of experience, responsiveness and relationships. AHEAD is one of the nation’s leading Human Resources administration companies for small and medium sized companies who want to save time, money and resources by having our skilled HR Specialists perform all your employee administrative functions while freeing up yourself, internal HR or other operational managers to better focus their efforts on results that make you more profitable.

Typically, our clients operate 0-3 person HR departments and are not interested in managing every aspect of their HR administrative needs, keeping up to date on new regulations or are more so interested in efficiently turning the HR function from an expense into a profit center. Let us use our expertise to cost-effectively manage your HR administration needs and allow you to focus on what you’re good at– running and growing your business.

Our Expertise

We monitor federal and state workforce regulation changes.

We guarantee accurate reporting so you have peace of mind the job’s done right.

We invest in recruiting, hiring and retaining the best staff so you don’t have to.

We eliminate much of the non-revenue producing tasks that come with having employees.

We retain the burden of maintaining an HRIS system, licenses, professional affiliations and equipment.

We design, shop, administer and manage comprehensive benefits programs.

401K plan developed and administered by us so that you can set yourself apart from the “other guy” that does not offer anything.


Studies show companies that outsource their HR functions can save big- the typical small company saves an average of 25 hours per week and over $18,000 in supplies and software expenses per year. See our financial impact calculator and add up how much of an increase you could see in profits.


Clients that use us for employee benefits have told us that they not only have circumvented the notorious 25% increase in major medical plans from year to year, but most have also been able to save additional cash by working with our team of benefits experts.

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